My name is Albert. It's on this page a few times. I felt like I should have a website, so here it is.

   "name": "Albert Cui",
   "age": "21",
   "occupation": "Student",
   "university": "Columbia University",
   "major": "BS in Computer Science",
   "graduation_date": "Dec 2015",
   "current_location": "New York, NY",
   "hometown": "Beaverton, OR",
   "hobbies": [
       "Dota 2",
       "College Football"


  • Google - Associate Product Manager Intern, Google Docs Suite - May 2015 - Aug 2015
    • Researched, developed, and managed the implementation of new functionality for common components of the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides mobile apps
    • Worked with UX designers, researchers, sales, product managers, and engineers to coordinate feature launches
  • Columbia University - Teaching Assistant - Fall 2015
  • Columbia College Information Technology - Software Development Intern - Jun 2014 - Nov 2014
    • Developed web applications with the Symfony MVC framework, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Javascript
    • Wrote and maintained unit, integration, and acceptance tests
    • Created AJAX forms with validations for user input
    • Implemented various CRUD operations, user permission checks pertaining CRUD operations
  • Columbia Daily Spectator - Lead Web Developer - Dec 2013 - Dec 2014
    • Administered all sites of the Spectator Publishing Company
    • Set up, optimized, and maintained the LAMP stack (also experience with Nginx)
    • Mentored and taught new members HTML, CSS, and Javascript
    • Implemented new site features: slideshows, timelines, and special landing pages in PHP, JS, CSS
  • Columbia College Information Technology - Desktop Support Intern - May 2013 - May 2014
    • Configured hardware specific hard drive images
    • Worked with clients to resolve software, network, printer, and hardware issues


  • YASP - YASP : Another Stats Page
    • Open Source Dota 2 statistics site. Project founder and developer.
    • July 2015 Statistics: 550,000+ page views, 45,000+ users, $600+ revenue (donations + ads)
  • k-AWK
    • Designed and implemented the k-AWK language in Ocaml, ocamllex, and ocamlyacc
  • Columbia Daily Spectator
    • Complete server migration of all sites
    • Framework migration from Wordpress to Drupal 7 of Spectrum
      • Migrated content to the new site using a custom PHP script
      • Rethemed the site using Twitter Bootstrap and custom CSS